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Voice: Support, don't condemn, Humane Society

July 11, 2001

The letter by Madeline Olsen is reprehensible and she should be ashamed of herself for such misrepresentation of facts about the Humane Society.

A number of animals greet visitors when they drive up to the Humane Society. About 10 cats are not adoptable for various reasons. They do a good job in rodent control. Several others are begging people to take them home, rubbing up against you and purring. As homes are found additional cats are allowed out of their cages instead of being killed. I would rather make donations than have these precious animals destroyed because they have to eat. Some of them hold a special place in our hearts but the reason they are not placed is that not enough people come in willing to adopt the adoptable cats and dogs available.

Too many cats and dogs are being euthanized. Pet owners need to get their animals spayed and neutered so this does not happen.


The Imperial Valley Humane Society does not receive the monetary and rescue organization support of other counties. Community support, though minimal, is of prime importance. In the thankless job of trying to do her best for our rejected animals, Charlene struggles to make ends meet working 10 hours, six days a week. Employees bring their dogs to work and take them home when they go. The dogs alert them when someone comes in and keep people out of the employee area.

It is unreasonable to expect employees to go without lunch, though it sometimes happens. The few employees generally take turns buying each other lunch. How ludicrous that Madeline Olsen would have us believe the small amount of money these people spend on their own lunches would cover the cost of a housekeeper.

It is imperative we support our local Humane Society. Your donations keep it open. Just think what would happen to all of the abandoned and discarded animals without it. For adoption and donation information, call 352-1911.



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