Calexico RDA approves signal project

July 11, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — By a 3-1 vote the City Council here, sitting as the Calexico Redevelopment Agency, approved the placing of traffic signals at Meadows Road and Highway 98.

The motion approved by the board at Tuesday's meeting allocated an amount not to exceed $1.2 million toward the signalization of the intersection and construction of new turn lanes.

As an amendment to the motion, city staffers were directed to look into using any available funds so that the full $1.2 million would not have to be covered by RDA money alone.

The issue over using other funds to cover a portion of the project cost will be discussed when the City Council meets next week.


Councilman Javier Alatorre voted against approving the project at Tuesday's RDA meeting because there was no specific information on how the city would cover the cost.

"When I was on the Planning Commission we made sure that developers would pay for the signalization and improvement of that intersection with impact fees. We've been talking about putting lights there for the past seven years. How much money have we collected?" he asked Public Works Director Mariano Martinez.

Martinez said the city has collected $1 million in impact fees; not enough to fund the project.

He said the city could have collected more if "this City Council" had not waived impact fees for the Border Patrol station and other developments.

Martinez told the RDA board the Federal Highway Administration recently rejected the city's plan to use available federal funds to fix the intersection because adding a lane to facilitate a new turn lane would bring too much traffic into the area.

The decision by the FHA led to the request the city's RDA fund the project, according to Martinez.

He said that if the board allocated the $1.2 million, "We could go to bid next week."

Councilman Gilbert Grijalva said, "If they can go to bid next week, we as a board need to stop dragging its feet on public safety."

He added, "We're getting more and more traffic. Pretty soon school will be starting up again. It's an accident waiting to happen."

The Meadows/Highway 98 intersection is located near Calexico High School.

Grijalva continued, "We should not be dictated to by a federal agency that doesn't live here. They come here and make a decision based on a computer printout and then leave. The less federal assistance we need the better off we are. We can do things three times faster than they can anyway."

Martinez told the board that the federal funds can be transferred to curbing and sidewalk projects for Andrade and Encinas avenues.

"We need to show the community that we're not concentrating on one area," Martinez said.

Councilman Frank Montoya, Mayor Pro Tem John Renison and Grijalva voted to allocate the money on the condition that city staffers look into alternative funding in addition to RDA money.

City Manager Richard Inman said the final cost and a proposed allocation of funds for the project will be presented to the board during the next council meeting.

Alatorre responded, "It doesn't seem logical, ‘Give me a million dollars and I'll see what we have.'"

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