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Probe: July 12, 2001

July 12, 2001

QUESTION: I was out in the desert this weekend setting up water stations for undocumented aliens crossing the desert. We stashed the water every third mile. We were fairly close to the All-American canal and the Mexican border.

While we were out there we ran into some fat, healthy, Brahma cattle. Do you know where they came from?

We were on federal land, not too far from Mexico. They didn't have any brands. Can they be wild cattle?

Can we lasso them and take them home? Or hold a carne asada dinner? — Do-gooder, Calexico

Of course, not. You know you can't pick up a stray cow. Nobody would believe it was lost and just followed you home.

We would warn you that in the West cattle rustling is a serious crime.

They could be wild cattle. It's possible there is a green meadow and a spring fed by seepage from the canal. Feral donkeys survive and multiply in the desert. Brahma cattle are pretty tough.


OK, PROBE readers, do you know where those burgers on the hoof came from? If you do call us at 337-3448.

A GREAT BARBECUE SANDWICH — For a good, no, a great, barbecue sandwich, you have to drive 45 minutes to Bubba's in Yuma.

It's on 16th Street. They have smokers in the parking lot. It's in a building that used to be a Denny's — and it looks like it used to be a Denny's right down to the yellow sign.

It's the best barbecue I have ever had, including Hamilton's down South. — Drooling, Imperial County

Thank you for putting us onto the Yuma barbecue place. We wish you had told us where you live and left a phone number. We wanted to discuss barbecue some more.

AL KALIN'S BOY — That young Holtville police officer who kicked out the window of the Brawley police car, is he the son of Al Kalin, a member of the Westmorland School Board? Al Kalin has been on the school board for years. — Shocked, Brawley

He is indeed, and we imagine Al Kalin is just as amazed as you are. You know the Bible says the sins of the parents will be visited on the children. It's been our experience that more often, the sins of the kids are visited on the parents.

Anybody who ever raised kids knows that from time to time, one or two of them will cause you some grief. But they get over it.

FARM IMPLEMENT KING — Ben Hulse was about the best man who ever walked. He was more than a politician. He was a good businessman, the second best businessman in the county, right up there with Howard P. Meyer, the founder of Imperial Stores. He owned several Caterpillar stores and he had the John Deere franchises as well.

I graduated from high school in 1934, the same class as Danny Dannenberg. Ben Hulse turned us both into Republicans. Ben was an honorable man. — Grateful, El Centro and Sacramento

Thank you.

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