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Probe: July 13, 2001

July 13, 2001

QUESTION — I get off work at 2:45 p.m every day. Once or twice a week, I go home and call Lucky's Chinese restaurant on Fourth Street and order take-out.

Lucky's charges an extra dollar for an order after 3 p.m. When I order, I ask them if I have to pay the extra dollar since I ordered before 3 p.m. The order taker always says I don't have to pay the extra charge.

The last three times I picked up food, they stuck me with the extra charge. That's $3 for three plates.

I would like you to talk to the restaurant about this. I am never going to order from it again! — Angry, El Centro

Would you give the place another chance if we told you manager Jenny Young said it will never happen again.

Hereafter, she said the order takers will log the time of the order. If you call before 3 p.m., you won't be charged extra, she said.


"The dollar doesn't mean that much to us. We don't want to lose our customers."

We are starving. If you will hang in there with us, we'll tell you all the great places to get a good barbecue sandwich. Well, maybe not all the places.

But first …

FIRST AIR-CONDITIONED SCHOOL — You must have heard from my brother because my parents also lived in Ben Hulse's house at 215 S. G St. in Imperial.

My father, Athol Luallin, was on the Imperial school district board when Ben Hulse Elementary School was built. Ben was instrumental in getting the school air-conditioned.

I am sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Ben Hulse was the first air-conditioned school in the state when it opened in 1957.

We have a portrait of Ben Hulse in our library and a short biography of him. Our library was closed all last year during the remodeling so its possible some of the newer teachers never saw it.

I have been a teacher at Ben Hulse school since I got my credential. I finished my 34th year in teaching this year.

I never went to Ben Hulse. I was going to Roosevelt school (now called the Roosevelt wing) when Ben Hulse was under construction.

They were building the new junior high school at the same time. At the end of the year, we carried our books to the Frank M. Wright School — Teacher, Imperial

We hope that lady in Buena Park is satisfied but who was Frank Wright?

A VINEGAR-BASED SAUCE — PROBE, I know what you mean about a barbecue sauce that looks and tastes like ketchup. I am from Southeast Missouri and I like a vinegar-based barbecue sauce.

I have a recipe. I can make it for you, but I can't tell you how to make it. I stole the recipe from a restaurant. — Saucy, Brawley

If you make some for us, remember we like our sauce so hot it makes our ears smoke.

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