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Voice: Love of animals

July 14, 2001

In responding to Ms. Olsen's severe criticism of the Humane Society, I first want to thank her for her concern for the welfare of the animals there.

However, had she investigated a little more before being so harsh in her condemnation, she would have learned that the animals are very well cared for. Charlene, the manager, constantly recruits and trains not only many adult volunteers to help around the premises, but more importantly, she recruits young people to respect, care for and love these animals. I, a frequent visitor, have never seen anyone mistreat the animals in any way.

It is true that Charlene loves the animals. It is not true that she does not allow them to be adopted. She spends untold hours trying to find good homes for these animals. She tries hard to find prospective homes that are suitable for each animal. I am comfortable in knowing the animals will be adopted into homes where they will not suffer or be neglected.


We adopt our dogs from Charlene because we trust her knowledge, dedication and devotion. Our present dog was deathly ill when we came to her three years ago. He had Corona virus, about which little was known at the time. Not only did she correctly diagnose the illness, but, at our request, she kept him for three months, working with him night and day, coaxing him to eat, medicating him and willing him to live. Under anyone else's care, he would have died or been euthanized. What a joyful day when we picked up our healthy and playful pet! On our frequent visits, he showers her with excited expressions of canine love. That's only one of many great stories about Charlene, her volunteers, and the medical persons who regularly donate their time, expertise and services for the care of the animals.

Ms. Olsen, please replace your anger with positive action: Help the Humane Society. Urge your city councilmen to provide more financial, physical and moral support for the Society and to hire at least one more badly needed animal control officer to the force; encourage others to make regular donations of money, time and services to the Society; help to educate thoughtless, insensitive, uncaring people against allowing their animals to run the streets unsupervised, against breeding them incessantly, and against abandoning them to be exposed to slow, painful starvation, serious injuries, untold cruelties — even death.

With love and respect for our furry friends in need,


El Centro

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