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Voice: Humane Society doing best it can under tough circumstances

July 16, 2001

Regarding the shameful practice of the Humane Society: Charlene does what she can with what she has. She and her employees are paid very little for what they do. If you or anybody else would like to do what she does on what they have to work with, I'm sure you can have it. And you try to not have take-out lunch!

How can anybody say anything about how another person runs a home for the homeless animals before they walk in their shoes? You try to decide what animals need to be put to sleep because the room has run out. You try to give the injections and go home and feel good about having to do this. It is the uncaring people who don't have their pets spayed and neutered and let them run loose, that's who!

Charlene does the best she can to keep up with the animals. She has to contend with people who drop of the puppies and kittens because they can't find homes for them; or the animals that are on the streets because people drop their "so-called" pets off in a field or on the street; the poor dogs that come in with ticks and flies that have to be treated. And to think that dogs are like having a bunch of 2-year-olds running around. Plus the animals are scared and frightened and not loved.


She gives the shots and arranges to have them spayed and neutered before they are adopted out. She deals with the dogs that nobody wants to have or to love because they don't look proper or pretty enough. She deals with people who came in and made snap judgments. She deals with not being able to have vacations and time off because this is a thankless job that nobody else would want.

Do you know why she does her job, even when people make her feel like a bad person? It is because she loves the animals. She hates to have to make the choices. She tries her best to do with what they have. She is happy when a dog or cat finds a home or a lost pet has been reunited with their people when the pets get out (I'm sure by accident).

Yes, she does need help to feed the animals, the animals so many just dump anywhere. Please don't let this one person change your mind about the Humane Society. Please take care of your pets and have them spayed and neutered. Please find out what kind of dogs or cats fit into your home and your lifestyle.

Animals need love and limits, too. It is hard to look into a dog's face and know that someone mistreated it and to know that you can't take it home with you because you have the limit that is allowed in the city. To know that dogs or cats will not have a chance to give their love to someone and not get loved back, it just makes you feel sick in the stomach.

To those who take care of your pets, please give them a hug and kiss and let them kiss you back and know they love you.


El Centro

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