Voice: County government actions prompting illegal dumping

July 17, 2001

The recent comments by present Imperial County Board of Supervisors related to illegal dumping is an echo of past supervisors who did nothing to alleviate the problem.

Who are the real creators of this mess?

Yes, I have observed the drastic increase of illegal dumping in the Northend of Imperial County since the gating and restricted use of the Niland dump.

I am a 69-year native of Imperial County, born and raised in the Calipatria area. I have four vehicles registered in this county and have a local driver's license. Per guidelines set up by the Imperial County Public Works (approved by county supervisors), I cannot use the Niland dump.

On April 15, Imperial County Public Works placed a large display ad in the Imperial Valley Press, stating: "FREE DUMPING" — (April 21)


"All Imperial Valley residents are welcome to take advantage of this offer."

Based on past experience of myself and others in the area, before loading my trash I phoned Public Works to assure I would have access to the Niland dump. Superintendent Morrison informed me I must have a current utility bill or a rent receipt. (same rhetoric as in the past)

Until Imperial County allows all residents to use county dump sites, the proliferation of illegal dumping will continue.

I suggest that in the future Imperial County government refrain from placing false and misleading advertisements in the Imperial Valley Press. If the service advertised is not available to ALL county residents, specify restrictions and qualifications.

Question to you County Supervisor Mr. Gary Wyatt: Where do I dispose of my personal solid waste?

Until you can give me and hundreds of other residents in this county restricted from using county dump sites a straight answer, illegal dumping will proliferate.

So, who are the real creators of illegal dumping in Imperial County?



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