Voice: Why did Bush daughters get a free pass on the drinking incidents?

July 18, 2001

I know this story seems to have gone away but I would like to say a few things about President Bush's daughters. It's so funny to me how conservatives are always touting how tough on crime they are; that is until something happens to them. Then it's different.

What ever happened to the law is the law? No one is above the law! Not to mention it was Bush who signed the "no tolerance" bill into law in Texas.

I keep hearing things like the media should leave them alone. The "liberal" media didn't mess with Chelsea Clinton, why can't they leave Bush's daughters alone? Well, there is one HUGE difference between Jenna, Barbara and Chelsea! Chelsea didn't commit a crime (twice for Jenna)!

See, this is the hypocrisy I keep talking about. Aren't conservatives always the ones saying you should be responsible for your actions? And you must take the consequences for what you do? And that just because everyone's doing it, that doesn't make it right? Or it's no excuse that everyone is doing it or has done it?


I'll tell you what, if Chelsea had done something like this, conservatives would have been all over her! Not only her, but President Clinton and Hillary, too! They would have been called the worst parents in the world!

By the way, where is that loudmouth Dr. Laura in all this? Why isn't she "preaching, teaching and nagging" the Bushes on their morals and the ones they taught their daughters the way she does with everyone else?

She would have relished preaching to the Clintons. She would have been questioning not only their morals but their parenting skills, too. And she definitely would have been questioning Chelsea's decision-making abilities. I guess if you're the daughters of and/or a right-wing conservative Republican president, you get a free pass.

The question I have is this … "How stupid are they?" You would think common sense would have kicked in at some point during the night. Seriously, think about it! You are the children of the most powerful man on the planet. You are in a town where everyone knows who you are and how old you are and you try to buy alcohol with a fake ID and are surprised when you get caught or that the police were called?

I don't care what people say or who you are … that was just plain D…U…M…B! I guess we know where they got their "smarts" from. What's that saying, "like father like son (daughter)"?

The real question is where on earth was the Secret Service? I heard Ari Fleisher, speaking for the White House, say the Secret Service is only there to protect the lives of the girls, period. That is not true. Secret Service personnel also are law enforcement officers! If they see a crime, they are obligated to try to stop it, prevent it or at the least call the police. In this case they could have and should have prevented this from happening. Somebody should be fired for this stupidity!


El Centro

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