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Voice: Humane Society operations defended

July 20, 2001

This is in reply to Madeline Olsen's letter. I look for some degree of intelligence or truth in it. For intelligence I would have to hire a proctologist to find her head. The truth I will tell you.

No financial aid comes to the Humane Society from the city, state or county or any other source except donations. Their deal is close your eyes and there is not a need for A/C, lights, food or shelter for the animals people have let breed so the mothers can watch their babies starve to death or be dumped somewhere to die alone or from the heat.

Charlene is not the manager of the Humane Society but the director. She takes care of everything. She works seven days per week and is off three hours Tuesday morning. She has no money to hire full-time help. She went without a paycheck for three months to pay the electric and other expenses for the animals. The building is old. No one cares enough to help with a new one.


They have five old cats among the healthy and happy cats. These cats are not happy anywhere else. This is their home. When adopted they always come back. As for the rest, please, if you qualify as a good home, come and adopt one. As for the old building being dirty, it is scrubbed every day with soap, bleach and water.

Now Madeline, the next time you come, let them know your name so they can thank you for your generous contribution.

Also Madeline if you are a professional who knows the care of animals, bookkeeping and can do hard work, please come in and let Charlene take a much-needed vacation..

As for the dogs in the office, guard dogs are not put out in the public. These dogs belong to the part-time employees (six hours per week). They are allowed to bring their dogs and send out and pay for their own lunch for the privilege of working until they drop trying to do a lot in a little time. So Madeline, Charlene is looking forward to a much-needed vacation. Not that she can afford to go anywhere but home. She has to worry and pay bills there also.

Gods love those who give. Everyone who can afford to put $1 in an envelope, send it to the Humane Society, 1571 Pico Road, El Centro, CA 92243.


El Centro

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