Thank You: IID 90th year edition praised

July 22, 2001

Imperial Irrigation District, I certainly enjoyed your 90 years edition in the Imperial Valley Press.

As a teacher in the El Centro Elementary School District, the Imperial Irrigation District provided information to many of my students over the years during their third- or fourth-grade field trips to the dam. The students were fascinated with what they saw at the dam and how the crops were irrigated. (Of course those were the good old days when the individual classes could afford field trips without selling candy, etc.)

Dippy Duck was loved by all, the coloring books, pencils, pins, stickers, the film. Donna Hampton made sure we teachers got the goodies for the students who happened to be absent that day.

After field trips and special presentations, writing letters made a natural learning experience for the students not only in language arts — letter writing and letter form — but also penmanship.


In the 60s, penmanship with its push and pulls was a daily class lesson, especially in third grade, when the students were changing from manuscript to cursive writing. It was still part of the fourth-grade curriculum at Desert Garden School where Edith L. Woolson was principal, I was a teacher, and Patricia Brock was in my class.

Those were the "good old days."

Thanks for the memories, IID.


Teacher for the El Centro School

District, 1963-1993

El Centro

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