Valley residents can mail or e-mail comments to committee

July 23, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO — Imperial Valley residents unable to attend today's public hearing on the upcoming reapportionment of the state's Senate districts will have until Aug. 1 to mail or e-mail their comments.

Today's hearing in San Diego will be the third of five. The fourth hearing will be Tuesday in San Jose and the fifth will be July 31 in Sacramento.

There is no public hearing scheduled for the Imperial Valley.

Calexico City Manager Richard Inman was told by Sacramento sources that written comments will carry as much weight with the Senate Elections and Reapportionment Committee as any oral comments at the public hearings.

Inman wasn't sure how the committee would quantify or take into consideration public comments but he said he hopes the concerns of the Imperial Valley, and specifically Calexico, are taken into consideration when the Senate lines are drawn.


Recently, Inman wrote and sent off a resolution by the city of Calexico concerning the redistricting.

In that resolution, approved unanimously by the City Council, the city recommends aligning the Imperial Valley with predominately Hispanic communities to the north in Coachella and Indio rather than with the mostly Anglo-American communities to the west.

This proposal is endorsed by Imperial Valley boosters who said at a recent council meeting that they think a district encompassing the agricultural communities of the north will make it easier to elect a Democratic state senator in the next election.

Inman said the majority of Calexicans are registered Democrats and the recommended redistricting proposal sent to Sacramento could help a local Democratic candidate get elected.

This morning, before leaving for San Diego, El Centro Mayor Pro Tem Larry Grogan said the city of El Centro has penned a resolution concerning the redistricting but will wait until after today's hearing to send it to Sacramento.

At their May 16 meeting, the El Centro council voted 4-1 to align with the west instead of the north but has yet to send the resolution to Sacramento.

Grogan said he will testify at the hearing along with Calexico Mayor Victor Carrillo and Supervisor Hank Kuiper.

To make a comment or submit a mapped proposal via e-mail log onto or send it through the mail to the Senate Elections and Reapportionment Committee, State Capitol, Room 5046, Sacramento, CA 95814.

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