Voice: Many reasons for many people to not support Democrats

July 24, 2001

Why are people "proud" to be Democrats? I submit the facts to a candid world:

Andrew Jackson (D) forced the five civilized tribes off their lands at gunpoint to die by the thousands on the "Trail of Tears," though in violation of a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court; Martin Van Buren (D) in his inaugural address noted slavery of Negroes should be left as it exists; James K. Polk (D) was president when the Mexican War broke out, causing Mexico to lose much territory; Franklin Pierce (D) was president when the Kansas-Nebraska law was passed, allowing slavery to exist in all states if the citizens wanted it and allowing the "Fugitive Slave Law" to have effect in every state.

Signs with "Irish need not apply" appeared in most cities controlled by Democrats; Jefferson Davis (D) was the president of the Confederate states who wanted to be free to have the right to enslave Negroes; all Confederate states were Democrat-controlled; the Civil Rights Act of 1868 was passed without the support of a single Democrat.


"Jim Crow" laws were inventions of Southern Democrats, denying black Americans their rights under police powers of public safety; the private for-profit, tax-exempt central bank that "rents" money to the American people was created by Democrats in 1913; Democrats rejected the amendment for acknowledging the right of women to vote.

FDR (D) confiscated all the gold coin of the American people, forcing them to use the "rented interest-bearing" money of the central bank; FDR (D) cut our military 50 percent in 1934, causing our enemies to laugh at America's willingness to fight for freedom; FDR (D) refused Jewish refugees to come to America, letting them die by the thousands in the ovens of the camps; FDR (D) created concentration camps for Japanese-Americans; FDR (D) allowed Russia to occupy territory of defeated nations in violation of the Atlantic Treaty; Truman (D) allowed thousands of refugees to be returned to Russia to be put to death by the communists; Truman (D) inferred to the communists that South Korea wasn't worth defending.

JFK (D) did nothing to support the Cuban "freedom fighters" who were left to die at the Bay of Pigs; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed with the support of more Republicans than Democrats; LBJ (D) lied to the American people about the Gulf of Tonkin, resulting in the deaths of 58,000 American servicemen; Carter (D) gave away the Panama Canal; Clinton (D) … you know.

These are some of the reasons American Indians, Mexican-Americans, Irish-Americans, black Americans, women, Jews, Japanese-Americans, Eastern European refugees, Korean-Americans, Cuban-Americans, military personnel and all the little people who must pay interest on the "rented" currency of the United States support the Democrat party.

Some people say it's a "no-brainer" to be a Democrat supporter. I say it is mandatory.


Stoughton, Mass.

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