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SirCam virus worming its way into nation's computers

July 24, 2001|By JOAN DUNCAN-BUSH, Photo/Graphics Editor

It seems every other week there is a new computer virus making the rounds. In recent days the W32/SirCam@MM worm has been infiltrating networks around the country and is spreading like wildfire.

This virus sends itself as an executable to e-mail recipients found in the Windows address book and addresses found in cache files.

This virus has been assessed as a high-risk and spreads via e-mail with a random subject line and the body of the message starts with "Hi! How are you?"

The rest of the greeting can be one of the following:

"I hope you can help me with this file that I send," or

"I hope you like the file that I send to you," or

"This is the file with the information you asked for …

See you later. Thanks"

The same message may be received in Spanish.

If any of these messages appear, do not open this e-mail.


The virus can be transferred by floppy disks or any removable media from any computer that has been infected with the virus.

After the virus has infiltrated a system, it can hide itself with any of several file extensions to escape detection, i.e.,

.gif, .jpeg, .mpeg, .mov., .mpg, .pdf, .png, .ps, and .zip files.

The virus can infect other systems by using open network shares.

As well as overloading e-mail systems, it might delete files on Oct. 16 and/or fill up hard disk space by adding text entries over and over again.

More information about the virus is available on the Web at

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