Voice: Water transfer appears to be ‘playing with fire'

July 24, 2001

Maybe I missed something real important when I was being educated, but this whole water transfer deal just ain't adding up.

If I'm reading things right, San Diego is going to secure a part of our water rights and the Imperial Irrigation District is going to spend at least $15 million to give it to them.

That just don't make horse sense. I do know this is very complicated, but the basic principle of it just seems screwy. Once San Diego gets its foot in our door, you can bet that their demand for our water will grow in the future. The courts will side with them, not the little guys of Imperial Valley. Remember Owens Valley!

When our water supply is limited, our growth and prosperity will be as well. Why do they want our water anyway? Dang, they got the whole Pacific Ocean over there. Why doesn't San Diego build desalinization plants like they have in the Middle East? Are they too ugly to look upon? Would they spoil the vistas?


It seems to me that too many people think our basic needs are provided by magic. They turn the faucet and water should come out. They plug something in and it should turn on. Who cares how and where it comes from?

I freely admit I am basically ignorant of the whole water transfer thing. So I have to ask some fundamental questions: Why are we paying to give our water away? Who is going to benefit from all this? Having so much to lose and so little to gain, why bother? Is San Diego buying our water, and if so, will our rates go down? When the Colorado River starts drying up due to global warming, does San Diego get a guaranteed acre-foot amount of water or a percentage of our water? Why doesn't San Diego build desalination plants? Will this "deal" hurt our farmers? Will they have to fallow their land?

If someone "in-the-know" could address these questions in plain, simple English, it would go a long way in helping us "simple folk" understand exactly what is going on and how it will affect our Valley. It seems to me that we're playing with fire.


El Centro

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