Voice:Arrogance, hours of family support office costly

July 25, 2001

I wish to bring to light a continuance of outrageous and self- defeating behavior by the Imperial County family support division of the District Attorney's Office.

I myself have been complaining for about nine years.

Now I have a good friend now being subjected to violations of his civil rights and the results are self-defeating to what should be the goals of all of you people involved in child support.

Mr. Larry Robinson is working as an automobile salesperson at a San Diego dealership. He is paying $1,500 a month child support. Upon his arrival at work the morning of July 6, he was informed by the dealership that a hold had been placed on his salesperson's license and he can not work. He drove to the office in El Centro of the family support division of Imperial County. It appears this District Attorney's Office has gone to a four-day or a four-and-a-half-day work week. Nothing could be accomplished until Monday. Mr. Robinson was granted a release on his salesperson's license on Monday afternoon.


Allow me to make it loud and clear: This hold on his ability to work was generated from this Imperial County office.

We have the loss of four of the best work days in of July. This is the weekend following the fourth and a big sale was on. His loss will be no less than $2,500 gross commissions and could have been as high as $5,000 for these four days that he lost. The dealership is also going to be very unhappy with Mr. Robinson even though it was not his fault. It is entirely possible Mr. Robinson is being fired as I write this letter.

This now places Mr. Robinson behind in his ability to earn a good paycheck to cover the child support and allow him to have some level of personal maintenance.

These actions by Imperial County are totally self-defeating. I had experienced this personally time and time again over the nine-year period.

I am convinced the core of this situation is an air of arrogance that the people are receiving from Mr. Gilbert Otero, that they are above the law and that they are untouchable. Mr. Otero, the district attorney, generates this atmosphere from his office to his subordinates. Mr. Otero has a history of making Judge Roy Bean a "piker" compared to his double-standard system.

I assure you there is this very strong and well-established trend by Mr. Otero's office of civil rights violations.

Mr. Larry Robinson should be compensated for this severe loss. It is going to take a very long time to recover and it could result in his sprit being broken and him giving up.

Please give assistance and apply what powers are available to changes that should take place. All persons involved will be further damaged by the continuance of this arrogant treatment by this Imperial County department.

I must entertain that this situation can be applied to a substantial number of other individuals.



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