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Probe: July 25, 2001

July 25, 2001

QUESTION: I am trying to research the death of my uncle Matt Alvin Hammons. My husband knows nothing of his death and was advised at the time it would not be safe to investigate. My uncle died Dec. 26, 1942.

Five of his siblings are still alive, although they are in their 70s or 80s. Was the newspaper around at the time? — E-mailing Niece, Cyberspace

Your report of your uncle's death sounds ominous. Yes, the newspaper was around in 1942. We just celebrated our 100th birthday this year. Nevertheless, you didn't tell us where in Imperial County your uncle died.

You didn't give us a phone number to reach you. We would like to know more. This newspaper likely had your uncle's obituary within a day or two of his death.


By the way e-mailers, please give us a city and a phone number. We don't ask for much, not your name or your address, but we do need to know in which city you live and your phone number.

And here's why….

QUESTION: Today (Monday) I saw fliers on the fences in my neighborhood concerning a missing 11-year-old. I live in the neighborhood and want to know if the child was found.

According to the flyer, the child had been missing since 4 p.m. Saturday. My neighbor said the police came by Sunday asking if anybody had seen the boy.

My son played with the boy at school. There was nothing in the newspaper or the radio or television. I hope everything is OK. — E-mailing Mama, No City

Your letter gave us goose bumps but you didn't give us much to go on. You didn't tell us the location of your neighborhood so we could not pick up the phone and call the local cop shop.

There was a hint in your e-mail address that you live in Brawley so we called Brawley police. The Brawley cops had no report of a missing 11-year-old, but two 15-year-olds strayed over last weekend. One had been located.

Maybe our readers know more. They usually do. If so, they can call us on our PROBE line 337-3448 or e-mail us at PROBE

MAKING DESERT BLOOM — Our club, Coyotes del Valle 4 x 4, will meet at 7 a.m. Sunday in Bucklin Park in El Centro to distribute water in the desert for undocumented immigrants.

We're going out into the desert in the vicinity of Ocotillo this week.

If you want to help us, just show up or call us. You can call club president Martin Mercado at 370-4518 or vice president Hector Ochoa at 357-1303. — Coyotes, Imperial County

Thank you. Groups are out watering the desert and making it bloom with their triangular blue flags pointing the way to lifesaving water.

At least one other group, headed by Robert Rubio, will head out to the east desert in the Glamis and Ogilby Road areas. You can reach Rubio at 353-4168.

Rubio is the Imperial County representative of Water Stations, the group formed by John Hunter, who lost his fight to get the Imperial Irrigation District to string ropes, or "lifelines," across the All-American Canal.

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