Residents oppose renaming two city streets


July 25, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

CALIPATRIA — Residents filled City Hall to hear further discussion on the renaming of two city streets.

Resident Carol Gause lives on Bonita Place and said the streets signs are not legible.

Ramon Lopez Jr. provided a petition signed by residents stating they don't want the street names to be changed.

Another resident asked why emergency medical response services are having trouble finding the streets. He suggested the medical crews get adequate maps and the city put up new and legible street signs.

Councilman Robert Nakadaira agreed, saying "Maybe we should look into making sure they have good maps and getting better street name signs instead of changing them."

Resident Elsa Downs said, "You caused a great deal of emotional and mental anguish to people who reside on those streets by not letting them know you were going to change the name of those streets."


She said she heard that most people living on the streets do not want the names changed. She also said the street signs cannot be read because they're too old.

City Manager Rumualdo Medina said he can put upgrading the street signs on the next council agenda.

The council also discussed the posting of the agenda. The council agenda is posted in City Hall, the city's post office and the city library.

Councilman Leonard Vasquez said he does not think that it is posted in enough places and asked to have the agendas also posted in Spanish.

City Attorney Bill Smerdon said he is not sure if it is legal for the city to translate the agenda to Spanish because state law requires the official document be filed in English. Smerdon said an outside person could translate the agenda to Spanish.

As for posting, Smerdon said the council has the discretion to post the agenda at any public place. If it is private property, the city needs the owner's permission.

He said state law only requires it be posted in one place.

The council also …

*Passed a resolution to apply for $70,000 to conduct a study of the city's wastewater collection and treatment process. The city would have to match 2 percent of the amount but will provide $5,000 to help in acquiring the grant.

*Passed ordinance 197 authorizing outstanding sewer and trash charges for some residents to be added to their real property tax bills.

Councilwoman Thelma Baker asked about the possibility of hiring a collection agency.

City Public Works Director Trey Faubion said unlike the Imperial Irrigation District, which simply can shut off power to homes, the city can't stop residents' trash and sewer services.

*Passed ordinance 323, which allows nuisance abatement charges against some residents to be placed on the real property tax bill. Ordinance 323 is similar to ordinance 197.

*Passed resolution 01-54, which states the city is formally requesting agencies that have jurisdiction on the recently completed Highway 86S connection place traffic signals to ensure travelers who wish to access Highway 111 be alerted to the turnoff in time to safely negotiate the turn.

The council and some residents are concerned because there are no signs at the intersection of Highway 86S, Highway 195 and Highway 111.

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