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Fishermen pound big corvina

July 27, 2001|By AL KALIN, Special to this newspaper

Just when you think it can't get better, it does. Fishermen last week caught some of the largest corvina of the season from boats and the shore. As a rule fishermen aren't limiting out but what they do catch is so large it more than makes up for lack of limits.

The hot area for shore fishermen continues to be the dikes off Lack Road and Black Rock. Manuel Aceves from Brawley caught his largest corvina yet, a 20-pounder, while casting a chrome/green Mackerel Krocodile.

Toby Johnson from Brawley caught two corvina that weighed 22 pounds using gold Swim Baits while fishing with Jim and Rodney Nemlowill from Brawley. The father and son team limited using Swimmers. Also limiting with gold Swimmers and Swim Baits were Keith Mayberry of El Centro and Eric Natwick from Holtville.

On Saturday, Bubba Lofton of Brawley fished the dikes and limited on large corvina using 1/2-ounce Rat-L-Traps. On Sunday anglers baited up with red worms and caught buckets of sargo from the point west of Lack Road and north of Young Road. One couple from Los Angeles filled two ice chests full of the tasty fish within a few hours.


At Black Rock last weekend fishermen stood elbow to elbow hauling in large corvina using tilapia and mudsuckers for bait. Fishermen cussed each other and fought for space as their fishing lines became tangled from fishing too close together.

State Fish and Game Warden Carol Sassie was seen carrying a bag of trail mix to maintain her energy as she was overwhelmed trying to check all the fishermen. Sassie refused to check veteran fishermen Donald Walker of El Centro, who was standing 100 yards offshore in 5 feet of water, calmly stroking the big corvina. Both Walker and his fishing partner, Curtis Carter of El Centro limited out Saturday and Sunday using mudsuckers.

Boaters, launching from Red Hill also recorded catches of big corvina using live bait and casting with Rat-L-Traps. Fishing guide Ray Garnett took out a party of six this last weekend and limited with 30 corvina, all weighing more than 15 pounds.

Park rangers from Red Hill report record numbers of boaters launching this time of year because of the excellent fishing and beautiful weather.

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