Thank You: Migrant summer school thanks

July 30, 2001

On behalf of the migrant summer school staff and students, we would like to greatly extend our sincere thanks to all those who participated in making our summer school program a great success.

Our "science of character building" theme became complete because of the participation and support of our community members time and effort. A very special thanks to the following people:

We would like to thank first of all, Mr. Michael Minnix for his hospitality at Lincoln School and also Liz Molina and Royce Page for the training and support they gave the migrant program and the teachers.

Thank you Terri Lovio (city of El Centro) for your assistance with the swimming schedule on Fridays.

Thank you, Humberto Peraza (director of the San Diego office for Sen. Barbara Boxer) for making our citizenship week very special. Your presence and words were encouraging to all our students.


Thank you Efrain Silva and the Our Lady of Guadalupe music group for making our Cesar Chavez assembly a memorable one.

We are particularly grateful to our career day presenters held on July 26, Frank Duarte, Thomas Gilkison, Dr. Richard Gutierrez, Victor Ramirez, Julio Rodriguez, Jim Strain, Teresa Valenzuela and Ben Vik. Thank you for a splendid job! Our sincerest gratitude.

We would also like to thank Oscar Quintero from Caliber Screen Printing for an excellent job on the visors for our migrant students.

The time and effort given by all of you is greatly appreciated.





Migrant summer school staff

Lincoln Elementary School

El Centro

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