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Planned Parenthood, KUBO unite to promote awareness

July 31, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

KUBO 88.7 FM Radio Bilingue and Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside counties joined efforts to bring pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease awareness to Imperial Valley youths.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood put on a one-day training session for KUBO DJs who run the "Teen Talk" shows and for those associated with other Imperial County organizations. The session was in the radio station's downtown El Centro offices.

The session included awareness training regarding teen pregnancy, sexuality and morals and birth-control methods.

KUBO teen coordinator Frank Salazar said, "Planned Parenthood is like going to the core of it all because they have the education and the latest techniques in teen pregnancy prevention."

Salazar said the reason the station asked Planned Parenthood to stage the training session was to educate the radio station's teen DJs so they in turn could talk about the issues on the air and offer correct information to listeners.


Planned Parenthood deals with family planning issues including pregnancy and also offers abortions.

Said Salazar: "I know abortion causes friction in the Valley but our choice is not to tell them whether or not to get an abortion. We want to educate them and so they can make the decision they want."

"Our Valley needs to accommodate our youths' different needs. We need to open our eyes and see that youths are having sex and using condoms, so let's educate them on how to use them the right way," added Salazar.

Cecilia Cota, 16, of El Centro, a KUBO DJ, said of the training session, "It's good because it's a great opportunity to get knowledge and get involved."

Those attending the training session included representatives from the Imperial County Sheriff's Office crime prevention unit, Calexico Neighborhood House and Imperial County Behavior Health Services.

Ivan Alvarado, 15, of Calexico, a KUBO DJ, said, "Lack of information and shame are the reasons why teen pregnancies are so high.

"Teens don't have the information and feel ashamed to go to a clinic or doctor and ask for information about contraceptives," he added.

Jessemina Godoy, a program coordinator at Neighborhood House, said, "We're here to get more information to offer young parents and mothers.

One Neighborhood House program deals with young parents or single mothers with children under age 5.

"The problem with teen pregnancies is lack of education. They don't know what's out there and what's going to happen afterward," said Godoy.

"They think it's cute and cool to have a baby and dress them up the way they want but what they don't realize is how much their lives will change," added Godoy.

Paula Herrera, 17, of El Centro, a DJ at the radio station, said, "In the Valley a lot of teens have sexual relations without protection and the best would be to educate them so they don't end up young parents,"

Roberto Acosta, 18, of Calexico a KUBO DJ, said, "If teens want to have sex they will have sex. We just have to educate them so they do it responsibly."

Staff Writer Mario Rentería can be reached at 337-3435.

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