August 1, 2001

August 01, 2001

QUESTION: I drove by the C&G car lot Monday in El Centro and saw six Border Patrol units. What was going on, a major illegal alien bust? — Curious, El Centro

No, the cars were at the C&G for service, said Officer Arturo Sandoval, a Border Patrol spokesman.

That seems like a lot of cars at one place for service.

When the Border Patrol auto shop gets behind, the backlog is farmed out to private garages, according to Sandoval.

To keep it fair, the Border Patrol rotates its vehicles among the many garages in Imperial County, he said.

A BIG CREDIT — Thanks, PROBE. I called Cingular as you suggested and I finally got my $850 credit for the overcharge on my cellular phone bill from Cingular. I have been trying to straighten this out for three months. — No Big Talker, El Centro

Thank you for letting us know. Sometimes we need to know we're not just spinning our wheels.


QUESTION — Entering the U.S. without papers is illegal, right? And giving water to help somebody complete the illegal act would be aiding and abetting the illegal activity, right? So why isn't the Border Patrol rounding up the accomplices putting out water in the desert for those criminals? — Law-abiding, Calexico

Does that mean you wouldn't give a cup of water to a man dying of thirst? Most Border Patrol agents wouldn't have the heart to arrest the kindly souls spending their weekends stashing water in the desert.

If they did, where would they find a judge or jury that would jail those people for their kindly acts? Sometimes you have to temper justice with mercy … or at least, common sense.

ON A BUN — Now that you've had your fun, I will tell you where you can get the makings of a really good barbecue sandwich. At Albertson's, I found a product produced by Lloyd's Barbecue Co. It comes in plastic cups.

You can get it in chicken, beef or pork. You can thaw it and if you have any leftovers, freeze it. It comes with sauce and you can put it on a bun. You'll love it.

I live in the mountains now but you probably remember me from my days in the Valley. I am well and I hope you are, too. — Former Valley Girl, Lakeside

We're very well but all this barbecue is making us fat. We had nine items on our voice mail today, six about barbecue or verdolagas.

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