Voice: Time for us to do something about IID board

August 03, 2001

The majority of the Imperial Irrigation District board members are of the family of Skarves. And they support the water marketing schemes of greedy landowners who are the Skarves. This scheme includes:

(1) Having IID's water under state jurisdiction.

(2) Having no regular water conservation standards, which translates to IID wasting water and transferring wasted water.

(3) Having defensive transfers whereby the Skarves will make as much money from transfers based on the threat of a "wasting water" or "state appropriation" action.

The state's priority is "municipal/domestic and industrial water use" over "agricultural water use." By 2020, it is estimated that the shortage in the urban area of Southern California, called the South Coastal Plain, will be 2 million acre-feet. In 1998 it was 800,000 acre-feet. As long as the state allows development without a reliable sources of water, this shortage will continue to grow. The 1998 California Water Plan of and by itself is evidence that the state has the need to appropriate ag water.


The limiting element for the state to appropriate Valley ag water is the aqueduct to convey the water. I find it bizarre that it is Imperial Valley United who is working with Mexico and San Diego to do this.

Therefore, Imperial Valley United as well as IID board members are of the family of Skarves.

While the family of Skarves' hard-line actions have been: (1) Bruce Kuhn moves, (2) Lloyd Allen seconds and (3) Rudy Maldonado supplies the third vote, it appears that Andy Horne and Stella Mendoza are comfortable with state jurisdiction, transferring wasted water and having defensive transfers.

Three IID board seats are up for election, i.e.

— Lloyd Allen from the Calipatria area

— Rudy Maldonado from the Calexico area

— Andy Horne from the El Centro area

It appears the IID board is going to hang tough. Therefore, the ball is in our court.


El Centro

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