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IVJGA golfers prepare for championship

August 04, 2001|By ERIC GALVAN, Sports Writer

BRAWLEY — The Imperial Valley Junior Golf Association didn't have a tournament scheduled this week, but don't tell that to a handful of IVJGA golfers.

Since their last tournament July 27, about 15 golfers have continued to play day in and day out in preparation for the IVJGA championship tournament at the Del Rio Country Club here Friday.

For some golfers, such as Tyler Douthitt and Garrett Fargo, preparing for the championship means playing about 27 holes at Del Rio from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. five and sometimes six days each week.

"All the tournaments have been really tough this season and this one's going to be even tougher," said Fargo. "It's not just going to be the same guys that have been coming out every week. There's going to be more guys, better players, who are coming from all around to play in this."


Knowing the level of play will be raised Fargo pushes himself to continue to practice, even in temperatures over 100 degrees.

"It's all a mental game out there. You can't let anything get to you and you can't get down on yourself," Fargo said. "If you hit a bad shot, you have to put it behind you. But you work on that stuff while you practice. You should really practice the way you're going to play."

This summer things haven't worked out quite the way Fargo had hoped. He doesn't have any top-three finishes despite his relentless work.

On the other hand, Douthitt, one of Fargo's playing partners during the summer, has become one of the top players on the IVJGA scene. He's won four of the association's six tournaments and is one of the favorites to win the championship division Friday.

"I have really high expectations for the championship. I expect to do really well, but you never know," said Douthitt. "There's going to be a lot of really tough competition. And I think because I've won four tournaments they're going to be kind of gunning for me."

While some players would be intimidated by others looking to take them out, Douthitt relishes that challenge.

"I think having that competition makes me play even better. I have to go in with a bit of a cocky attitude but still be able to back it up," said Douthitt. "But you really can't think about what those other guys are doing. If you think about all that, then you'll mess up. I'm just going in with a lot of confidence because I'm expecting to win."

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