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Voice: Otero is giving these two what they deserve

August 06, 2001

I would like to bring to light a little about Thomas Crum and his good friend Larry Robinson.

I do not know Gilbert Otero, but thank God for him.

At last the two friends are getting a little of what they deserve. They have done things to so many people in this Valley, and then skipped town. At last some of their deeds have been exposed.

I know many of your readers enjoyed Thomas Crum's line, "Its going to take a very long time to recover and it could result in his spirit being broken and him giving up."

What goes around comes around. I for one am glad to see at last it coming around for these two.

P.S. Dear Lord:

I know in your Word you said "Vengeance in mine. I will repay." Lord, why do you wait so many years? Oh, I know you are not a time person.



El Centro

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