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City attorney: No conflict involved if Grijalva hired as interim executive director

August 08, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — City Attorney Michael Rood said there would be no conflict of interest if Calexico City Councilman Gilbert Grijalva were hired by the Calexico Housing Authority as its interim executive director.

"The difference we have here with Grijalva is we don't have two public offices. One is employment and one is public office, so the incompatibility of offices issue doesn't apply," Rood said.

Rood agreed with the interim legal counsel for the Housing Authority, Eduardo Rivera, that if Grijalva is hired he would not be allowed to vote on matters concerning the Housing Authority during his time as interim director.

"Anything that comes up at council level would directly affect the Housing Authority. He'll have to abstain and not participate in those decisions," he said.


The question that could be raised if Grijalva takes the job, Rood said, is whether authority commissioners have a conflict of interest in offering the position to Grijalva.

Rood said the answer would have to be provided by Rivera.

Rivera has already weighed in.

Before the board voted 4-1 to offer the position to Grijalva, Rivera said it had every right to do so.

His dismissed allegations of a conflict, saying Grijalva voted to confirm the appointments of the five commissioners without knowledge that they later would offer him a job.

"They were already seated when they offered him the job," Rivera said.

At a special meeting this week, the authority board will consider hiring Grijalva to fill in for Executive Director Lupita Rios, who is on a one-month medical leave of absence.

All five commissioners were appointed during Grijalva's tenure on the City Council.

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