Voice: Plan would destroy Salton Sea and all it has to offer

August 09, 2001

Having lived on and worked to save the Salton Sea for the last 30 years, this sudden death blow to the Salton Sea has me boiling mad.

We have a resource here with the best fishing in the world that would provide the recreational needs and days for millions of people who don't even play golf.

We have surpassed over 2 million users at this time that have returned to the sea. They are coming back because of the sincere work and positive information given the Salton Sea Authority over recent years.

Yes, we do have sincere people in the SSA who are and were truly working for a totally restored Salton Sea The conflicting part of the SSA is the water districts with their quiet executive meetings, making plans, drawing up draft bills that would allow them to undo the good work of the SSA.


We are all warned "they will come down on us hard" if this quantification bill were not to go through.

For just once, ask them to show us the beef. Do you believe that in today's world that the U.S. government would pounce down on the poorest county in California? Do you really believe they would destroy what's left of our slow and failing farming economy?

Whoever "they" are who would step in and take that approach should be ready to also take on the environmental disaster lawsuits of a dead and dying sea. Billions of dead fish and birds and the smell of it: are any of you ready for that? Are "they" ready to accept $500 million up to a 2.5 billion dollar liability?

Perhaps we should just say no to this bill, HR 2764, a bill that so far Mary Bono has no use for as written and Sen. Feinstein does not want to sponsor in the Senate. Stand back and fight them. Stand back and wait to see how these water districts worked up to a protection from liability by providing the Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Valley Water District, Metropolitan Water District, San Diego County Water Authority and the Salton Sea Authority and its member agencies to not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the effects to the Salton Sea or its bordering area resulting from any actions that directly or indirectly reduce the volume of water that flows into the Salton Sea. As the water lowers, homeowners near the sea will surely protest their property tax bills as time goes on.

These guys know what they have created. They are fully aware; thus the protection from lawsuits. The end of the Salton Sea is for sure. Millions of recreational days and all of the best hope that Imperial County could have been the richest county of the 58 counties in California will be lost and down the drain, forever.

Stella Mendoza, how would you like to run for Congress? We need a representative who works for Imperial County, one lives here in the Valley. I believe we could get something going.


Imperial County planning commissioner

West Shore Chamber of Commerce president

Salton City

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