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Voice: The IID board and democracy

August 10, 2001

The "awareness, understanding, and expectancy of the people" is a power force, for it leads to will, determination and action.

The ultimate "action of the people" within the context of government of the people is for "candidates of the people to run for office" and for "the people to support and vote for them."

The action of the people also includes:

(1) Knowing about and participating in government.

(2) Applying the policies of the people to the issues of government.

(3) Writing letters to the editor.

The policies of the people include:

(1) Government shall be democratic

(2) The governing body shall govern

(3) Government shall be "policy" and the "establishing, effecting and realizing of policy" oriented


(4) The policies of government shall be "in the public interest and for the common good" and "properly prepared"

In the case of the Imperial Irrigation District and its water transfer, democratic government includes:

(1) There being a public hearing and written comment period covering the following issues:

— State or federal jurisdiction over IID's water

— The baseline for determining wet water

— Defensive transfers

— Fallowing

(2) Staff responding to the comments in writing.

(3) There being a board hearing wherein the comments and responses are part of the hearing information.


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