PROBE: Aug. 13, 2001

August 13, 2001

QUESTION: My father ordered a hearing aid mold from Better Hearings Systems in El Centro. He paid $169 for it. That was June 4 but he still doesn't have the mold. Without the mold, he can barely hear. We're using sign language to communicate, but mostly we don't communicate. We've tried to resolve this. Can you help? — Vexed, Brawley

We called the store and left your phone number. You told us that Angela called you and said she would track down the mold for you. Let us know how this turns out.

QUESTION: What happened to the sergeant at the county Sheriff's Office who was arrested last year for drunken driving after a traffic accident in El Centro. I bet he got fired, right? — Curious, El Centro

We don't know but we bet you do. Assistant Sheriff Mike Schneewind said the sergeant was "disciplined." It's a personnel matter. To tell us more would be against the law, he said.


A SMART ANIMAL — I am one of the volunteers putting water in the desert to save the lives of immigrants. We haven't seen any mountain lions.

However, an animal is tearing open the white boxes and opening the water bottles. A human would pull off the sealing tape to take off the cap. This creature bites the cap off the top.

It's a smart beast. At first we found bottles that had holes chewed in the side. Now the animal has learned to bite off the cap. Sometimes it empties the bottle and other times it carries away the bottle. We find the empty bottles.

A week ago we replaced about 12 bottles opened or carried off by an animal. This is happening in our section near Highway 98 and at Pinto Wash.

It's a big creature. It leaves tracks the size of a German shepherd's paw. Maybe we can make a plaster cast of the paw tracks.

We don't know what to do about this. We may take some tubs out there and fill them with water for the animals. — Rescuer, El Centro

If you start that, you will be watering every coyote west of Seeley.

A MOUNTAIN LION — I believe those guys playing golf at the Rio Bend Golf Course saw a mountain lion. I used to go coon hunting with my dad along the New River. On three separate occasions I saw a mountain lion.

I think people who go out there should be watchful just in case. When you're wandering around the desert, you can't be too careful! — Hunter, Seeley

Raccoons out there? We've never had any dealings with mountain lions, but we know raccoons are pesky, pushy carnivores with long claws.

Twice in Yosemite we had encounters with a raccoon. Once we had one of those primitive cabins with an open wall protected with plastic curtains.

In the middle of the night a raccoon walked in. We threw shoes at him and finally shooed him out with a folded newspaper, but he came back. We think he wanted our pretzels!

The desert is a mysterious place. It was in the New Mexico desert where a UFO reportedly crashed 40 years ago.

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