PROBE: Aug. 14, 2001

August 14, 2001

SMART ENOUGH— Could the animal biting off the caps of plastic water bottles in the desert be a badger instead of a mountain lion? Badgers are strong enough and smart enough to do it.

I have seen badgers in the Imperial Valley. The first time I saw one I thought it must be pet or a sport team mascot. Later I saw one as road kill on Highway 98 where the highway crosses the New River.

There are lots of raccoons in the New River bottom. The first time I saw one I was target shooting with my cousins. They were skinny and scruffy-looking, not the sleek, handsome coons you find in better climates. — Desert Hand, Calexico

We saw a coon carcass on the side of Interstate 8 near the New River on our way to San Diego on Sunday. A passenger in the car commented there must be a bumper crop this year because he has seen two or three dead coons along the side of the road.


We can't rule out a badger stealing the water left for illegal aliens crossing the desert. However, a volunteer distributing the water said an animal left paw prints about the size of a German shepherd. How big is a badger's foot?

GOOD OLE COUNTRY BOY — I am overwhelmed by the show of empathy directed my way by "Another Country Boy, West Imperial County" regarding my yearnings for some real Imperial County carne asada up here in this crowded, dry place. I would be delighted to receive the spice he so graciously offers. You do a great service to folks with fanciful as well as serious human needs! Thanks a whole heap! — Country Boy, San Marino

How could an Imperial Valley man ignore the plaintive cry of a native son stuck in a crowded dry place while we kick back in the dry, wide open spaces of our balmy paradise sucking in the scent of carne asada wafting on our Santa Ana wind?

We'll get the spice to you as soon as we find a mailing box for it.

A REAL WOMANIZER — Last month it came out on Mexican television that the famous Mexican actor and singer Vicente Fernandez said he is a womanizer.

I loved to hear him sing. He's old now but so am I.

Although he's married, he was bragging about his infidelity. I don't think that's nice. He is going where it is so, so, so hot. I am a Mexican woman, not a nasty nice American, but I don't like it that he's bragging. He's bad! — Disappointed, Brawley

We don't know Vicente Fernandez but we know how you feel. We were a Julio Iglesias fan and you know how he behaved.

Before then it was Frank Sinatra. When Frankie left Nancy for Ava Gardner, we almost broke our Sinatra records. We didn't break the records, but we stuck them in the back of the closet.

We couldn't stand to hear that creep crooning, "I'll be loving you always" after the way he treated Nancy.

Oh, well, you'll get over it.

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