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Voice: Getting the straight info on the Humane Society

August 14, 2001

Making maligning statements because of an imagined grievance is despicable.

Adele Soto says 37 cats were out when she was at the Humane Society. After choosing one of the 10 that were not adoptable, she could have given one of the other 27, or "cat room" occupants, a deserving home.

For accurate information I speak to the person(s) with the facts, in this case the manager. Ten years ago bingo was a thriving fund raiser that paid for itself, building repairs, bills and left money for some lean years. With the opening of casinos, local bingo participation steadily declined. Proceeds from a couple good years of bingo at that time would have provided only a pittance toward costs for a new Humane Society building.

I appreciate Charlene's dream of a better place for the abandoned and discarded animals of the Imperial Valley and hope it will someday become a reality.


Save lives by getting your pets spayed and neutered.

As far as having us think bills are not being paid because the Humane Society is too poor — Charlene assures me all are paid up-to-date.

About a year ago a necklace fund raiser with a verbal agreement of 50/50 was initiated. While making a food donation I was present when word came that the crafter (not Charlene) wanted a larger share than that agreed upon. It was decided that the considerable amount of their own time required by the employees to sell the necklaces deemed the last-minute change requested by the crafter unacceptable.

Several special animals still need good homes. For adoptions and/or donations: call 352-1911 — 1575 Pico Ave., El Centro, CA 92243.



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