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Voice:Unabashed supporter of creating Chinatown in Calexico

August 15, 2001

I am a resident in Calexico. I was born and raised in the Imperial Valley. I read your article in the Sunday paper about talk of creating and building a Chinatown here in Calexico.

All these years I've been reading the paper, I have never heard of a better idea in my life. What took you so long? What took the people of Calexico, especially our Chinese neighbors, so long?

I am so for this idea. It's been the best thing I've read so far in Imperial Valley Press since I can remember picking up the newspaper.

I come from Chinese heritage and culture even though I am also half Hispanic. My father is Chinese and my mother is Mexican. My older brothers hold a lot of our Chinese culture in the family as well as in the Calexico temple located at the Calexico Martial Arts Academy on Imperial Avenue in Calexico.


If you would visit the temple you will get a glimpse of what a little bit of Chinatown there is already here in Calexico. If you have a chance to meet some of the Chinese neighbors you will realize that the culture is very much alive and strong in and outside their homes as well as in their businesses.

I am so glad to read and know that there is talk of this great structure about to happen (crossing my fingers) … if it does happen. This will help the economy and value of the Chinese heritage and culture surrounding us.

And since Calexico is growing so rapidly, what better way to greet tourists than with a welcome to Chinatown area?

I am so overwhelmed at how fast this town has grown, not only with newer homes but with people. The people from Calexico will get to enjoy something so great, so different from what they are use to.

I've been to all the Chinatowns in San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. and believe me the feeling when you walk right past the first entrance to the block is you really are in China!

Thank you and hope to see this wonderful idea come to life.



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