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Supervisors commit $6K of in-kind funds to AAA

August 15, 2001|By LAURA MITCHELL, Staff Writer

The county Board of Supervisors agreed at its Tuesday meeting to give the Area Agency on Aging $6,283 of in-kind money.

In-kind money is the dollar value of county services provided.

AAA, which gets $300,00 from the state, requested the $6,283 in cash.

The agency was originally a non-profit but failed in that form. The state then operated and funded the agency and the Board of Supervisors agreed to take it over as long as the state continued to fund it, Assistant county Executive Officer Robertta Burns said.

The concern is the county is going to get into funding the program and in a couple years, the state is going to say the county must support the program, Burns said.

"We live in a wonderful nation, a great nation, the best in the world. But we sure don't treat our older people very well, and I think that's a sin," said Supervisor Joe Maruca, a member of the AAA committee.


County Executive Officer Ann Capella cautioned the supervisors on how they go about providing the money.

"It's not a question of merit, it's how we're going to deal with the policy of providing cash when the state has such a large budget," Capella said. "If it's $6,000 this time, will it be $12,000 next year?"

Maruca said there will probably be another request in the near future because the brown bag program, which provided meals for needy senior citizens, has ended.

The board also held two public hearings.

The board heard and approved changes to the Rio Bend planning area near Seeley. The changes would replace two commercial sites and 165 single-family homes with 674 recreational vehicle spaces. There are already 229 recreational vehicle spaces and 68 mobile home spaces at Rio Bend.

The board heard and approved a request by Imperial County Community and Economic Development to apply for $500,000 from the state Department of Housing and Community Development enterprise fund.

The $500,000 will be used to replenish the ICCED's revolving loan fund, which helps businesses create and keep jobs in Imperial County. At least 51 percent of jobs created or kept through this program must help people from certain targeted income groups.

The county agreed to commit $10,000 in personnel and related expenses to use as local leverage for the $500,000.

The Board of Supervisors meeting is Sept. 4 in the County Administration Center, 940 W. Main in El Centro.

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