PROBE: Aug. 16, 2001

August 16, 2001

QUESTION: I took a training course with Day Night Security in Calexico to become a security guard. I was told I would get a guard card with certificates for CPR, to carry pepper spray, a baton and a gun. Of course all the certificates would be valid only for on-the-job use.

I completed the course June 30 but still have no certificates. I have called the office several times. Each time I was told the certificates would be coming in the "next week."

I found a job as a security guard based on my having the required certificates. I didn't have the certificates, so I lost the job. Please look into this and find out what is taking so long. — Waiting, Brawley

P.S. I may be hard to reach because I am working in Torrance.

After you completed your training, the state ran a background check required before you get your certificates.


It looks like you passed, because the state sent your certificates this week. If you had any felonies or serious misdemeanors in your past, you would not have been certificated, said Day Night manager Sergio Soto.

You still have one hurdle to pass. You must prove you are either a U.S. citizen or a legal resident, said Soto.

If you can't get off work to go to Day Night in Calexico, you can send your proof with a relative, who can pick up your certificates, he said.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED — There's nothing new about a sheriff's deputy getting a "driving under the influence" ticket and staying on the job.

I am a retired cop and I don't recall a deputy ever getting fired for a DUI arrest. Usually they don't get a ticket. Either they call the guy's wife or an officer drives him home.

In the case mentioned in PROBE, the deputy was drinking in Holtville. He made it all the way to El Centro before he had an accident. — Retired Cop, El Centro

Cops who look the other way when they stop legally impaired fellow officers are not doing their buddies any favors. Those minor incidents may be ignored or fixed.

But if a cop gets involved in a serious accident while driving under the influence, there will be a public demand for his head on a silver platter.

FREE COMPUTERS — Our school has some Apple computers, printers and software we are needing to get rid of due to lack of storage space. We would like to pass them on to a school, church or youth group or even to a facility in Mexico.

There are some good educational programs from K through 12 plus utility programs such as PrintShop. If you could use any of this and is willing to pick it up in Calipatria, call John Clark at Midway High School at 348-2430. — Sandi, Calipatria

Thank you.

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