Voice: Fond of the Valley and its customer service

August 17, 2001

The recent letter to the editor that painted all Imperial Valley businesses with the same brush titled, "Customer service in the Valley is horrible" is, generally speaking, factually inaccurate.

As a longtime continuous resident of the Valley, it is a fact that there has been an impressive increase in national business establishments in the past few years and the 21st century promises to change the landscape, business-wise in the Imperial Valley.

Regarding customer service, there is a long list of courteous, reliable, action-oriented Valley businesses that are customer- oriented. They understand and practice good customer relations, which is obvious to the most casual observer.

Treat yourself to a pleasant Valley experience and visit the Imperial Stores (just to name one of many). Courtesy and customer service is the hallmark. Select a major appliance and it's delivered and installed the next day. Place a special order and expeditious delivery is the norm.


Valley businesses, large and small, understand the value of the customer, and management trains employees and generally practices meaningful "customer-service awareness" and good customer-service relations.

The majority of the Valley residents today do not feel the need to do business "out of the Valley" to satisfy their normal large or small everyday needs.

The Valley is alive and well, business and customer-service wise!


El Centro

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