Voice: Too many drains on economy collapsing our nation

August 21, 2001

Let's take a good, honest look at the real picture. A recent survey estimated there were between 4 and 9 million legal and illegal Mexican immigrants in this country.

More specific figures show these workers send literally billions (that's billions with a "b") of dollars earned in this country back to their families and towns in Mexico. That is a huge drain on our economy.

I wonder how many people who were backed up on Interstate 8 the night the new

Indian casino opened in Campo know that the millions of dollars that pour into those casinos go into the coffers of the sovereign nation of (so-called) Native Americans — that is the sovereign Indian nation not to be confused with the United States of America sovereign nation.

As their own sovereign nation they are not subject to any of the taxation, laws or rules of our country. All that money is THEIR money. It does not go to build new highways or schools or bridges or buildings.


When you drive onto Indian-owned land you leave behind the protection of law enforcement agencies. When you park your car in the Indian casino parking lot it is no more safe than if you were in Mexicali or Tijuana. If you get robbed you can only turn to whatever law enforcement the Indians provide. But that is beside the point.

The point is, here is another huge drain on our economy. Is there any wonder towns and cities and counties are destitute, trying to get by with inadequate budgets for police and schools and the very infrastructure of our buildings and roads?

This is not a racial issue. It is a huge troubling issue about the economic state of this country and where billions and billions of dollars are ending up.

A few years ago we thought for about 10 minutes that a jug-eared Texan (that alone should have made us know better) was going to be the savior of our country. Ross Perot told us if he was not elected, soon we would hear the big sucking noise of American money being sucked out of our economy into others. He was right about that even though he was a big disappointment otherwise.

We are being bled dry. At the rate we are going it won't be long until the United States is going to be rated as a poor nation and may even become a Third World country.

This is a much more serious issue than any racial issue ever could be. This affects us all. If we want to save America, we are going to have to circle the wagons, gain control of our borders, put reasonable limits on how much American earned income can be sent out of the country.

We are desperately in need of a common language, as that is the great uniter. Mostly we need to care about each other, tear down the racial barriers and remember we are all in this together.

United we stand — divided we fall, and when America falls, the crash will be heard around the world.


El Centro

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