Probe: August 22, 2001

August 22, 2001

QUESTION: I ran into a Brawley family in at Valley Plaza in El Centro. They were was looking for The Salvation Army to buy beds. They lost everything in a fire. Their mobile home burned down last week and the kids are sleeping on the floor. They had just paid off the mobile and they had no insurance.

Do you think PROBE readers could find a couple of cots or bunk beds for the two little boys? — Senior Adviser, El Centro

We had to depend on 12-year-old Miguel to tell us what the Manuel Lemus family needs. His parents don't speak English.

The family doesn't need much, Miguel said.

"We got a lot of help," he said.

They do need kid beds, pillows and sheets and pillow cases.

He said he and his brother Carlos, 8, need school supplies. Miguel has a backpack given to him after the fire.


"We need a high chair for my little brother (Danny, 2)."

The family salvaged the television set. It's smoky but it works. All the toys were consumed in the fire but neighbors gave the family toys so Danny and the kids don't need any more.

Miguel said the thing that he and Carlos miss most is their Nintendo 64 game that was lost in the fire.

He said they have plenty of clothes. Miguel wears sizes 14 and 16 in shirts, size 14 shorts and size 16 pants. Danny takes size 4 and Carlos sizes 8 and 10 in shirts and pants. If you want to help, call 344-9445.

A REAL PARTY — I can't imagine which mother thought there was no party for the Brawley Tigers Little League team. Their last game was Wednesday, May 10, and we had the party the next day, Thursday. Every player was there. We have 13 members on the team and we had 13 players at the party. I have a baseball autographed that night with 13 signatures.

Each boy got a T-shirt that said: Tigers-Minor B Champions, and a trophy.

The kids were brought to the party in cars and each one was picked up by an adult. We stood outside and watched the parents pick up their kids. — Team Parent, Brawley

Sometimes today's parents are so busy they can't remember all the events.

NOW HE CAN HEAR — My father finally got the mold for his hearing aid and now he can hear again. Thank goodness. We were communicating in sign language and since we don't sign well, we did a lot of miscommunicating. Thank you for your help. — Grateful Daughter, Brawley

We're glad to do what we can do.

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