Voice: Your father's friendly neighborhood store harder to find in Valley

August 23, 2001

In response to Jeffery Abatti-Harlow and his much-needed commments about the customer service here in the Valley, I must wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Abatti on all of his statments and would also like to add that some (not all) local businesses seem to act like the Valley population "owes" them their business because they are local.

Well let me address that for a minute. True, these business are local, but if the service is not up to par, why should we have to endure it just because they are local? If the service is not good and the goods and services, are not available in the Valley what do many people do?

Look around the Valley. Take a look at the license plate frames on most cars. A majority I saw lately are from San Diego dealerships. Wonder why? Well, the service is way better up in San Diego, as I observed in even the smallest stores up there they bend over backward to make customers feel important, unlike Valley businesses with their "We are the only game in town give us your money" attitude.


The Valley is not exactly in the best of economic times and with dollars tight businesses should be going out of their way to serve the Valley to insure their futures as businesses and as a community as a whole, no matter how modest.

People in the Valley deserve better and that's the bottom line.

I think businesses should invest a little time to learn good customer service and its relation to a profitable business.

When did we lose the "friendly" in the friendly neighborhood store? Are we doomed to cold, unpersonal, sometimes rude service?

Only you, dear business owner, can fix this.

Thank you.



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