Voice: More fallowing opponents needed on IID board

August 24, 2001

I've always interpreted "What's the bottom line?" and "Keep it simple, stupid" to be typical political blurbs that translate:

(1) What's in it for me?

(2) If the answer is "nothing," don't waste your time

Live and learn, for the "bottom line" can be a core "public interest" type policy statement, e.g.

-There shall be no fallowing

This policy is imbedded in the water transfer agreement between the Imperial Irrigation District and San Diego County Water Authority. From the onset, IID Director Stella Mendoza's position has been:

-I oppose fallowing

It's simple. It's effective.

I was surprised to learn that Imperial Valley United had adopted a "no-fallowing" position.

The water transfer law includes:


(1) Growing crops using less water

(2) Crop rotation/fallowing

"Opposing fallowing" translates to "supporting the growing of crops using less water" and "transferring conserved water." Conversely, "fallowing" translates to "not farming" and "transferring saved water."

Stella has recognized an important "bottom line" position that protects the future of the Imperial Valley.

"Do you oppose fallowing?" is a question that should be asked of all the IID candidates.

Two more "I oppose fallowing" representatives on the IID board will make a big difference.


El Centro

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