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Voice: Housing board sees no conflict in pursuing Grijalva's services

August 25, 2001

We are requesting that you print the following response to your editorial of Aug. 12, as you went ahead and printed an editorial regarding the authority without even considering and asking us for our concerns.

We do expect that at least you give us the opportunity to explain to the public readers the reasons for our decisions.

On Aug. 12 you decided to give us your opinion on what you consider the decision taken by the majority of the Housing Authority board of commissioners to offer the position of "acting executive director" to Mr. Gilbert Grijalva a "conflict of interest."

Your newspaper as well as other community members are alleging Mr. Grijalva had a hand in approving the appointments of the commissioners. What everyone is failing to report is Mr. Grijalva was only one vote and that all the commissioners appointed with the exception of one member were Mr. Carrillo's recommendations.


The entire council, not only Mr. Grijalva, elected all the commissioners unanimously. Does Mr. Grijalva have a little "crystal ball" to see the future and base his decisions on what he can predict?

Come on, you and everyone else knows Mr. Grijalva is very knowledgeable in the field of housing. You tell us who is better qualified to take on such a position without us having to worry if he/she is going to adapt.

The other issue everyone is failing to acknowledge is this was a temporary position. If in the future there is a position in the authority and he as well as anyone else is interested, he/she would have to go with the proper hiring procedure.

Why are you and everyone else having a problem? In Mr. Grijalva tenure as a City Council official he has always made fair and proper decisions on behalf of the best interest of his community.

Mr. Grijalva has a great future in his political career because he has always defended and advocated for his community. If anyone believes he is embroiled in what everyone is calling it "commissioners' setup" well this means that you don't know the "integrity and honesty" that Mr. Grijalva possesses.

On behalf of the majority of the Calexico Housing Authority board of commissioners, we want to set the record straight, and that is that our intentions were to give the authority the best person for the job and as we believe then and we believe now that is Mr. Gilbert Grijalva.


Chairman, Housing Authority

board of commissioners


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