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Voice: Who is the Press to suggest conflict regarding Calexico housing board?

August 27, 2001

In reference to your editorial dated Aug. 12 and your accusations regarding the so-called "conflict of interest" in naming Mr. Gilbert Grijalva the acting executive director: Who are you to question and suggest that the decision of the board is a setup? Why doesn't anyone give this board of commissioners any credit?

Doesn't anyone think we are capable of making the best decision for this organization? What is so wrong with our decision in trying to get the best-qualified individual to step in and try to pick up the pieces on a temporary basis in carrying the authority through. Did anyone say Mr. Grijalva is taking over the authority from this day on?

Mr. Grijalva was to come in as a "consultant" to this authority to assist the authority in day-to-day operations and also to give us a report as to where the agency stands.

You are not giving us any credit for our actions or the purpose of those actions. We were appointed to this position to serve our community and for its best interest. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand?


Why is everyone complaining now that there has been a change of leadership and we finally have the authority to do the best for our residents? Anyone who thinks this was a "setup" to place Mr. Grijalva in this position is insulting his or her own intelligence.

We apologized to Mr. Grijalva for putting him in this situation and for causing such uproar with Ms. Rios' supporters.

Fortunately, those who know Mr. Grijalva and his integrity and his convictions do not doubt him or continue supporting him in his efforts to run for a political office.

If anyone here has a "conflict of interest," it is those who are bringing up false issues and are trying to present a "blurred" picture to our elected officials and create a doubt in their minds.

Our elected officials have placed their trust in our commission and we will to the best of our abilities try to do what we were appointed to, and that is to do the best for the residents of the Calexico Housing Authority.

Our mission is to look for the best interest of our residents and not the administration or the director, as with the past board of commissioners.

I am just curious as to reasons why your newspaper never reported Mr. Quiroz's, Mrs. Aguilar's, Mrs. Rodriguez's and Mr. Romo's shenanigans before Ms. Rios decided to put this authority through the "mess," for which she is the only person responsible.



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