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Voice: Democrat gun and immigration decisions to blame for tragedies

August 28, 2001

Nicolay Soltys, an immigrant too mentally incapacitated to serve in the Ukrainian military, was acceptable to the Clinton administration immigration service.

I speak of the Ukrainian immigrant who has killed upward of six disarmed and defenseless people near Sacramento using a knife that could have been purchased at any number of stores, or even made — there are books that show how to make knives, which are completely unregulated.

Where are senators Boxer and Feinstein? Why haven't they called for the banning of all mentally incapacitated immigrants and a waiting period for the purchase of knives and banning all books on how to make knives?

A few years ago, disarmed and defenseless people on the Long Island Railroad were shot and murdered by a Colin Ferguson, who shot these disarmed and defenseless people like "fish in a bucket." Not a single lawful American on board that train was carrying a "Saturday Night Special" or an "assault weapon," for in New York, the Democrat-controlled state legislature has banned the possession of defensive firearms by lawful Americans based upon the actions of criminals.


I've yet to find any documentation that this Democrat scheme has saved lives and reduced crime by its implementation!

Oh, you may have not seen this in the news, but Colin Ferguson was deemed too mentally incapacitated to remain in America as an American citizen. He was to have been shipped back to his homeland, by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, but for some reason this never happened. Can you tell me who was president and was in charge on the operations of the INS?

Was it the very same president, who was in charge of the INS when a certain mentally incapacitated Ukrainian was let into America? It's a "no-brainer" to be a Democrat supporter, and by noting the type of people Democrats allow into America … .


Stoughton, Mass.

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