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Voice: Wrong picture of Rios comes from letter to the editor

August 28, 2001

"Voice of the People": Lupita Rios a victim? Be serious. Where have you been for the past two years?

Marlene, perhaps before you called Ms. Rios the heroine of the Hispanic community, you should have conducted a survey in the Hispanic community of the Housing Authority as well as in the rest of our community.

It's interesting to see and listen to everyone's opinion about what is happening at the Calexico Housing Authority. If Ms. Rios comes from a low-income family and has suffered and struggled to get where she is, at this time she sure does not show any sensitivity but displays her very strong character when she tells a young mother and her children to leave their house because her husband is an employee of the authority and regardless of the abuse he gives his family she will always support him.

The real problem is that "yes," Ms. Rios is not a people's person and she does not identify with most of the residents and their needs. She refuses to work with them to better their quality of life, and while she had the majority of the board support, she knew she could do anything because their support was unconditional.


Ms. Thomas, were you aware that Department of Housing and Urban Development's regulations require the executive director involve the residents in all facets of housing programming? HUD's regulations are clear as to the tenant participation.

Ask Ms. Rios when was the last time she had a meeting with the resident council to discuss tenants needs. Perhaps you should also ask why did the board of commissioners have to make it mandatory for her to meet with the council to discuss problems and concerns, and even after receiving a direct order from her superiors, she has failed to meet with them.

The honest and perfect "mess" you refer to is the fact that Ms. Rios has her own agenda and refuses to work with the board, tenants and community. She hardly ever goes to work and when she does she is never available to the community.

Even her staff is constantly telling residents they can't give them any information or direction because they are waiting for Ms. Rios' authorization. Who has ever heard of a good administrator who does not know the meaning of delegating?

In reference to the City Council responsibility, in this situation let me open your eyes and tell you this is the first time the City Council has been approached by the community. They saw the need for change and regardless of the "political consequences" they could see in the future. They believed in the injustices that were being committed and remember the oath they had taken to serve their community.

We the community could not be more "proud" of the Calexico City Council. Perhaps if you would be a resident of the authority, you would have a different view.



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