PROBE: Aug. 29, 2001

August 29, 2001

QUESTION: I am a jogger who likes to run early in the morning in Bucklin Park. It's dark in the park at that time. There are some burned-out bulbs. Do you think you could coax the El Centro parks department to replace the bulbs? — Runner, El Centro

You should be running in light soon.

The park maintenance crew was working on the problem when we called, said Ken Skillman, city director of parks and recreation.

The problem is the trouble goes deeper than burned-out bulbs. Repairmen traced the problem to a short in the wiring inside a light pole. The short was kicking out a series of lights.

To reach the shorted wiring, it is necessary to pull the pole out of the ground and place it on its side. To do that, parks repairman need a special piece of equipment to pull out the pole.


"As soon as we find the equipment, we can bring the pole down and replace the burnt wire. We should have the lights working in a week, possibly as early as Sunday," Skillman said.

QUESTION: I live in the Sunflower subdivision in Imperial. My phone is out and 200 other phone lines are down. Pacific Bell says our phone service may be out until after Labor Day. That's a long time. Will you see if you can shake them up a little? — Incommunicado, Imperial

Before you read this, you should be gabbing on the phone. About all we can do is tell you why the phone went down, affecting the service to 300 Imperial telephone subscribers.

You can blame it on the heat and an air conditioner that just couldn't take it anymore. The air conditioner-cooled equipment is in a fiber remote hut, according to a Pacific Bell Telephone spokeswoman.

When the air conditioner went out, the equipment got too hot and took a break, cutting off phone service at 7:30. a.m. By 11:45, the air conditioner had been repaired and the equipment went back to work until 2 p.m. when everything stopped again.

By 2:45, the a/c had been repaired once more and the phones were ringing. But by then, the telephone guys had had enough. They decided to replace the old air conditioner with a new one. You may experience another break in phone service while they install the new unit.

QUESTION: We need a couple old computers in the worst way for My Favorite Things pre-school at First United Methodist Church in El Centro.

We would use them to play learning games. Do you suppose a couple of your readers might have computers we could upgrade for that use? — Church Volunteer, El Centro

Goodness, these computer geeks get younger every day but….

OK, if you're replacing your computer, these folks would love to have your old one. Call Paige at 337-2107.

Our phone has been ringing off the wall from people who want to donate refrigerators and baby cribs to the family with no furniture or refrigerator.

Sister Maria Luisa said her phone has been ringing as well. The family now has beds, a table and chairs, a crib and playpen for the baby and baby clothes. Some people asked for the ages of the two little girls, who are 4 and 5 years old. The father in the family even found a job.

"The family has been blessed," Sister Maria Luisa said. "Thank your PROBE readers for me." Thank you, PROBE readers. You make a difference in your corner of the world.

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