Voice: Just interpreting the facts about Imperial Valley United

August 29, 2001

I don't think it's the "facts" as much as "what I made of them" that bothered Larry Bratton and John Pierre Menvielle, as co-chairmen of Imperial Valley United.

The facts include:

(1) The IVU steering commitee adopted a resolution opposing another aqueduct to convey Colorado River water to the coast.

(2) IVU presented this resolution to the IID board.

(3) The Imperial Irrigation District board eventually adopted it.

(4) Within the month, IVU hosted a forum at the Imperial County fairgrounds concerning an aqueduct to be located in Mexico that would serve Tijuana as well as San Diego. Andy Horne and Maureen Stapleton were moderators. The moderator from Mexico did not make it.

Later, Horne and Stapleton were moderators of a similar forum at the Association of California Water Agencies conference in South Lake Tahoe.


I found it to be bizarre and unreal for IVU to: (1) have a resolution opposing another aqueduct and (2) host a forum concerning establishing such an aqueduct.

"Editorial characterizations" are based on one's interpretation of the facts, and they are what they are.


El Centro

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