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Voice: The Calexico City Council is only doing what is right

August 29, 2001

Ms. Lupita Rios is the unsuccessful protagonist of the Calexico Housing Authority.

Most of you are being misled by the information being released because they are not accurate statements. For you to understand the political "mess" Ms. Rios has dragged the authority into, you would have to have attended all the housing meetings for the past few years.

Why is the council being criticized and blamed for what is happening when the only person responsible and could have put an end to this is the executive director? If she would have only opened her eyes and her mind to the needs of its residents, the Housing Authority would have never been put through the "mess" she has caused.

No one is to blame but herself. Her need for superiority, her lack of professionalism and her unwillingness to serve the community she works for are the true reasons why she is in the "mess" she put herself in.


The City Council, the appointed commissioners, residents or other councils are not to be blamed for trying to do their work but most importantly for trying to enhance the quality of life of the residents of the authority.

Finally we have a City Council who is sensitive to the needs of their community and regardless of the "political repercussions" made a statement and uphold the oath of office they took and acted on the best interest of their community. We thank Mayor Victor Carrillo, Javier Alatorre, Gilbert Grijalva, Frank Montoya and John Renison for their integrity as elected officials.

No one bothers to contact the residents. Everyone is pointing fingers at a handful of residents who are being led by the "majority" of the board. What no one bothers to mention is this handful of residents and board of commissioners got tired of all the injustices and decided to make a difference. Their agenda is not to "oust" Ms. Rios, but to make the best for the residents with or without Ms. Rios' support.

If we had such an outstanding authority and administrator, as everyone says we do, can anyone tell us why it taken almost 10 years to be able to form a resident council or finalize the homeownership program? Why don't we receive the same funding or benefits of other local housing authorities?

We, the residents of this authority have no sympathy for someone who has never gone that extra step, nor has made any effort to enhance the quality of life of our community. Ms. Rios is not responsible for the implementation of all the programs and activities of the authority. Her lack of leadership and her poor attendance forces her staff to take the necessary steps to continue with the day-to-day operations. The staff should be the ones receiving the recognition for a job well done and not the director.



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