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Voice: IID directors need to worry about big wastes of money

August 30, 2001

Imperial Irrigation District directors Stella Mendoza, Bruce Kuhn and Andy Horne voted against moving the power poles out of the way of the Coachella Boys Club. Two reasons I remember were. 1. "We don't want to start a precedent and do this for every Tom, Dick and Harry."

The Boys Club has prevented thousands of dollars of household goods from being taken from our homes. The moving of the power poles would have been a very good cause.

2. These three board members also claimed the cost (approximately $150,000) was too high. Yet it has been discovered in the efficiency report that many department heads are doing blunders big time, wasting a lot of rate- and water-payers' funds.

If you are lucky and can get hold of any director, you can amuse yourself with the endless excuses they will make to protect the blundering managers.


A list of blunders continuing for two years follow:

1. The Alamo Canal — overrun $1 million.

2. Dahlia Canal at city of Imperial — overrun $1 million .

3. Brawley east main yard — overrun $150,000, paid secretly without board approval.

4. La Quinta division performing work without utility agreement with Caltrans and IID staff not following through on time frame to file for reimbursement — cost, over $4 million.

5. El Paso Energy renewal contract over $100 million.

If the directors want to protect us rate-payers, they should stop making excuses, get into action and prevent blunders like the above and stop trying to make us believe they are protecting us by voting against the easy penny-ante stuff.


El Centro

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