PROBE: August 30, 2001

August 30, 2001

A CULTURAL THING — Hang in there and stand your ground. You're right! Throwing toilet paper on the floor is a cultural thing!

I am a La Raza activist but truth is truth. Newcomers from Mexico throw toilet paper on the floor. If you give them a can or box to throw it in, they won't throw it in the toilet or on the floor.

In Mexico paper plugs up toilets, not because the pipes are bad but because there is not enough water pressure to flush the toilets.

When I was active with the United Farm Workers, I cleaned the toilets at the union hall.

I used to ask union members why they threw the paper on the floor for me to clean up. They told me.


When a group of us was in Salinas, the hotel chamber maid asked me why they did it. I told her to put a box in the toilet. Eventually, they learn the toilets will flush if they put paper in the commode. — Viva La Raza, Calexico

So the remedy is to put a box in the toilet and empty the box regularly so the overflow paper doesn't spill on the floor.

Not too long ago, we saw a sign in a public restroom: "Put paper in commode." It was in English. It would work better in Spanish.

Update on Caltrans cameras — We do have two cameras at highways 111 and Evan Hewes. They are not there to catch people going through lights. They are there to see when a car is at or approaching the light to trigger it to turn from red to green when it is safe to let the car go through. — Joe Manning, Caltrans Spokesman

Oh, so that's what the man in the car behind me meant when he pecked on our window to tell us to move up so the light could "see" us. We thought he had been eating mushrooms.

OLD COURT RECORDS AVAILABLE — If the San Diego writer is looking for an old court record, they are available at the Imperial County Courthouse. State law says court records must be maintained.

Some don't know how to find the records, others just won't do it for you. You just have to ask the right person. Rosemary Jernigan is the right person. She is in the county recorder's office.

However, a record of a county inquest that didn't end up in a trial is a different matter. Inquests were more informal. — Former Courthouse Employee, El Centro

We learn something every day. Thank you.

CONSUMER ADVISORY — If you get a call from an out-of-town company seeking a donation on behalf of the Central or Southwest high school sports/athletic programs, just say no.

These companies may be offering foam hands, miniature basketballs and posters with your company logos on them. Central Union High School District is not endorsing any of these. — Chamber of Commerce and CUHSD, El Centro

That must be a relief for folks strapped after laying out a bundle for a bale of school clothes. Thank you.

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