Voice: House bill from Hunter end run to take our water

August 31, 2001

Open letter to Duncan Hunter and concerned citizens:

HR 2764 is nothing more than another "end run" to take Imperial County's water!

The transfer of the water runoff that keeps the Salton Sea alive is just a foot in the door for the uncontrolled, urban sprawl that both San Diego and Los Angeles have propagated.

Our small, desert communities are expendable to the encroaching cities. It is time for them to think of desalination plants or other wastewater treatment solutions. We are in the desert and have so much more to lose than they do. Let's not get complacent.

We must rally behind Stella Mendoza and her efforts to forestall the greed of a few individuals who think only of their pocketbook and not our communities. We staved off the greedy Bass brothers and their minions once, but we must keep our guard up.


The predators are still around, just looking for an opening. We are also undergoing some commercial growth and need to think of the future requirements that light industry brings with it.

Mr. Hunter, you are from El Cajon, but you represent us also. Let's get with the program! San Diego needs more, permanent solutions. Don't do it on the backs of Imperial County residents.



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