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Voice: Brawley desalination proposal cartoonish

September 01, 2001

Holy cow, I went on vacation and returned to a Sunday paper featuring a Brawley City Council action that boggles the mind!

To those of you who remember a cartoon called "Smokey Stover," do you recall those contraptions wherein a mouse eats some cheese that tips a spoon, that flings a nut, that hits a gong, etc, etc. These ideas are back in style.

Is this the same City Council who fought a new water plant with room for growth? Looks like a complete flip-flop from here. A desalinization proposal for Brawley, ooookay … it is to be built close to Indio, ties into Mecca, and empties salty waste into the Salton Sea.

The recovered wastewater will go to the metropolitan areas that certainly need the water more than our dry, arid, desert lands that are going to give the rest of our water to San Diego anyway so that certain people will profit from not farming and creating jobs.


Did I say jobs? This plant will employ Shields and Clinton, who live where? The rest of the jobs, building, etc., will go to Coachella Valley residents. We get a "bone," says John Benson, we will bill. Oh boy, how many years and dollars down the road will this be?

Brawley is economically depressed, with few downtown businesses to create a firm tax base for our city. This investment should be presented to San Diego and L.A.

One more question. How did this motion pass without a public hearing, plus should not the righteous Mrs. Shields have abstained in view of her personal conflict of interest?

You try something like that, Mr. Vasquez, and watch the fireworks!

Fix the streets and sewers, folks, and leave this scheme to cities with deep pockets. Young Mr. Shields intentions are good and it is possible this is a good concept, but Brawley's priorities should be take care of its immediate needs and then lay the groundwork for future growth.



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