Voice: School employees should be cordial to students and parents

September 04, 2001

I just want to say a few things to all school employees, from the front desk personnel to school board members. There are parents who are very involved and concerned with their children's education … I'm one of them. I don't expect you to be perfect; but work with parents, not against them.

I called my son's new school on Aug. 24 (he's a fourth-grader) to simply ask what time the class (room/teacher) lists would be posted outside (school started Aug. 27). The front-desk person gave me such attitude — I can only wonder how she treats children who come in that office for help.

She told me unless she worked until midnight the lists would not be posted until Monday morning. I asked her why, and she said due to renovations — which I applaud — they had no electricity this week and couldn't print (by computer) the class lists. I inquired why had parents not been informed and told her there would be chaos Monday morning; I was going to offer her help but her attitude was so ugly, I figured that's probably why she was doing it by herself (which she let me know!)


I asked her if the superintendent was aware of the list status and she said yes, and I said good because that's my next call. Which I did — he was very polite and said the principal of Phil Swing School had not said the lists would be late; so I called back the school to talk to the principal; and the same secretary answered and told me the principal could not be reached for she was walking the campus. I called two more times with three-hour gaps — I was told the same thing.

As public school employees they should know it's their sole purpose to support, guide and enhance a child's education process. What if I had been the state board calling to evaluate school phone procedures? (I never gave my name). Surely this person would have flunked and made Phil Swing look bad.

My son had a wonderful learning experience at Oakley, he's in GATE and I can't afford private school. Does that mean I have to deal with this person's ugliness when I go into the office for whatever reason? I called a friend to vent (a woman thing) and she said the front-desk person has been like that for years with children/adults alike. I said — not this one.

Realize the importance in a child's life as part of the education process — because the majority of parents do.



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